WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a WordPress Plugin

Creating a WordPress Plugin

My goal here in this tutorial is to teach you how to create a WordPress plugin in a simple and organized way, with a focus on code isolation and consistency. By the time you’ve finished this tutorial, you’ll have a plugin shell created which you can use essentially as a boiler plate template for all of your future plugin ideas.

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Scheduling Events in WordPress | WordPress Cron Jobs

Scheduling Events in WordPress | WordPress Cron Jobs

Creating cron jobs in WordPress is actually really simple but yet, so many WordPress developers don’t understand WordPress cron jobs or they understand the concept of WordPress cron jobs but don’t know how to set them up appropriately.

This article is targeted to slightly more advanced WordPress developers while aiming to explain what WordPress cron jobs are, how they work, and how to use them appropriately.

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Get WordPress Widget Settings For Specific Widget Instance

WordPress Widgets

I’ve got to say, I’m very surprised that there’s not currently any kind of native functionality for retrieving the widget settings of a specific widget instance in the WordPress Widget API.

I’ve wrote a rather quick function to do just the trick. Hopefully this helps someone in the need of getting widget settings for a specific widget instance.

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Set Custom Image Sizes in WordPress Plugin Jetpack Carousel Module

WordPress Jetpack Carousel

First and foremost, the WordPress plugin Jetpack is a really amazing plugin. They offer so much functionality and neat features for FREE. One of Jetpack’s freebie modules is the “carousel module”. This module basically replaces the core WordPress gallery, especially if you enable Jetpack’s “tiled gallery module”.

I’m currently in love with the mosaic tiled effect that Jetpack has to offer. I use it a lot. However, one of my frustrations is how Jetpack sets the default src of the images to the “full” size image. This would be the original image file you uploaded in your gallery. Continue reading “Set Custom Image Sizes in WordPress Plugin Jetpack Carousel Module”

WordPress Quick Callback Function Returns

WordPress Quick Return Functions Callback Functions PHP

The more you work with WordPress or PHP in general, the more you will begin to make use of callback functions. In WordPress specifically, one of the more common use of callback functions would be with WordPress Hooks. The use of WordPress Actions and WordPress filters allow WordPress Developers to: add, modify, or remove existing functionality within the WordPress ecosystem. In order to do so, you need to attach a callback function to your desired hook. That callback function is responsible for the task at hand.

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